WP Affiliate Guide News: Two New Bonus Items

In today’s issue…
1. Introduction
2. Beefing Up the Bonuses
3. Tell Me What You Want
4. In Closing
Hello and happy Tuesday,
It seems like ages since I’ve sent out a newsletter, doesn’t it?
Well, you have my sincerest apologies; life has been incredibly
busy and adventurous lately. But, I do have some plans to ease
myself back into your good graces and that’s what this short
email is regarding. ;)

Please read on to find out what I mean…

2. Beefing Up the Bonuses
One thing I enjoy doing is providing my customers with bonuses.
Usually these bonus items are of my own unique creation and or
start out as creations for my own personal use. Based on feedback
I offer them up.

In case you haven’t visited the bonuses section lately, here’s
what you’ll find:

* WordPress Mini Site Report and Theme: This is a short report
explaining how to build a lazy affiliate style mini site using
WordPress and the included theme. I’ve already received great
feedback from some of the folks building small sites with it, so
if you haven’t already grabbed your copy, now is a good time to
do so.

* Simplified Silos with WordPress: Creating SEO silo sites with
WordPress is all the rage. This is a technique I’ve been using
long before the term silo was coined, except I used it mainly on
category structure. In this report, however, I focus on creating
a silo site using WordPress’ pages feature.

* Super Social Directory: Web 2.0 and social websites are hot,
especially for building traffic and backlinks. This is a
directory of social networking, bookmarking, and video sharing
websites including their PageRank and Alexa rankings.

* Affiliate Sandbox Theme: Since placing one of my personal
affiliate websites on display with a customized theme, the #1
question I received was “how do you get the categories to do
that?” and rather than just answer, I decided to create a basic
theme. This is a bare bones theme which mimics the style of a
catalog style website–all that’s required is your own personal
styling and graphics.

Those items can be downloaded from the bonus area:

But, that’s not all you’ll find at that link. I’ve decided to
beef up the bonuses with lite versions of two of my most popular

* Simple Link Manager Plugin Lite: This lightweight script allows you to
create and manage your links from within your WordPress admin
panel. You can define your own custom slugs (i.e. go, goto,
recommends, etc.), track your clicks, and search through your
links. (Simple Link Manager Plugin)

Enjoy :) http://www.wpaffiliateguide.com/bonuses

3. Tell Me What You Want
Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be updating the videos
section. If there are any videos you’d specifically like to see
included, please say the word.

Also, I want to add a few additional reports to the bonuses
section. One report that I’ve already outlined is building a
membership site using WordPress. If you have any specific
questions about setting up a membership site with WordPress,
please ask so I can make the guide as thorough as possible. And,
if there’s a specific report/tutorial you’d like to see covered,
speak up.

To keep things organized, I’ve set up a special email address
just for these suggestions and requests. If you want to get in
on the fun, just send an email to [REMOVED].

4. Finishing Up
Told you it would be short. :)

Remember, if you ever miss an issue of the WP Affiliate Guide
newsletter, you can read it online at the newsletter archives:
http://www.wpaffiliateguide.com/newsletters/. The current
newsletter is usually added within a couple days of being sent

Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to help you with
your WordPress and affiliate marketing journey. I sincerely
hope you put it all to good use and build a prosperous
affiliate empire.

Wishing you much success in all you endeavors.

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