The Golden Formula of Internet and Affiliate Marketing

This might sound counterintuitive, but there are no secrets when it comes to internet and affiliate marketing. Not really.

Sure, one marketer might find a way of reaching their target audience that no one else is using, but do you truly expect that marketer to give up his “secret” for $97 unless: 1) the “secret” is already out and the market has been flooded; or 2) the secret is losing its effectiveness?

Rather than searching for the next big secret behind every bush, take this deceptively simple three-step formula and apply it to your own business, then reap the benefits. Continue reading »

Add Dimension to Your Affiliate Site with a Serial Soap Opera

As the affiliate marketing arena shifts and evolves, it’s up to the marketers to shift and evolve with it. One way to do that is by offering your readers something unique.

Something I’ve been testing with success for the past year or so has been to offer a serial soap opera on some of my affiliate websites. And it’s something you may be able to do as well. Continue reading »

3 Ways to Find Free Legal Pictures for Your Websites and Blog Posts

Using images on a website or in a blog entry can break up large blocks of text and increase interest. However, using any ol’ image you find with Google Image Search can land you in legal hot water if that photo is protected by copyright and you don’t have permission to use it.

Just because you use a smaller version of an image or publish a disclaimer or even credit the copyright owner doesn’t mean you can legally use the photo—not even under Fair Use guidelines. (In order to fall under Fair Use, the image must be a thumbnail and also be the focus of your discussion.) In fact, even if you receive a DMCA and immediately take down the photo, you can still be on the hook for monetary damages. Continue reading »

Private Business: Thwart Your Competitor’s Competitive Analysis

Part of successful internet/affiliate marketing is looking at what others are doing in your niche and seeing how you can improve upon it with your own sites.

However, some marketers take this a step further by digging into every facet of your online business and seeking out every other niche in which you might be dabbling so they can hone in. But there are things you can do to keep prying eyes away from your various online businesses. Continue reading »

Encourage Repeat Visits to Your Website with a Plugin

If you’re trying to build an interactive community on your website, repeat visits is crucial to success. People come back, invite their friends, help you grow. One way to invite people to come back to your website after they’ve taken the time to leave a comment is to install a plugin: Comment Relish.

The Comment Relish plugin is simple…it sends an email the first time someone leaves a comment on the website. This email can be customized and personalized to help you establish a rapport with that reader. However, if you run a heavily trafficked site or are on a shared host with certain restrictions, you’ll want to install the plugin with caution.