The Value of Bum Glue

1. The Value of Bum Glue

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope that you are enjoying your hump day. Today’s mailing will be slightly nontraditional; I just want to ask you a simple question, but first, I’d like to explain why that question is crucial to your success…

I just completed a book recommended to me by my friend Belle (who also happens to be one of our wonderful forum moderators). One of the chapters was titled ‘The Value of Bum Glue’. Although the topic of the book, ‘Write Away’ by Elizabeth George, is writing a fiction novel, that particular chapter also has practical applications outside of novel writing — it can apply to just about any area in which we seek success.

Elizabeth recounts the process of getting her first novel published, which ended up being her third. She explained that instead of allowing herself to feel downtrodden after her first novel was mercilessly rejected time and again, she sat herself back down and began writing *another* novel. After that second novel was also rejected, she sat herself down and began writing yet another novel. She didn’t give up and the third time was the charm.

Through the process, she learned lessons, tightened up her craft, and perfected her system — and that’s what I wanted to discuss with you…

The WordPress Affiliate Guide is what I call a loose system; it’s a flexible system that you can use to build your online affiliate marketing business. One thing about systems, however, is that a cookie cutter approach *doesn’t* work for everyone. It’s important that you learn to *mold* a system to work with your own needs and habits and insights. That’s where the ultimate success is hiding.

The book explains *what* to do (i.e. the technicalities), but you need to provide some *industrial strength* bum glue. If that
first site turns out to be a dud or you make a mistake, don’t throw your hands up, declare affiliate marketing is a farce, and
then crawl back under the duvet for a decade. No, none of that.

“…he who possesses the best bum glue wins.” (p. 190)

Take note of what you learned while creating that site and start another one; do it again if necessary. Finesse your system into
one that works for you and repeat it. It won’t appear over night, but in time, you’ll come to see that success was waiting for you all along, you just needed to stick around.

So, the question before you is: How strong is *your* bum glue?

(In case you’re an aspiring novelist and want the book:

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Finishing Up
Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to help you with your WordPress and affiliate marketing journey. I sincerely
hope you put it all to good use and build a prosperous affiliate empire.

Wishing you much success in all you endeavors.

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