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In today’s issue…
1. Introduction
2. Simplified Silo Tutorial
3. Your Questions Welcomed
4. Mini Site Theme Update
5. Forum Topics of Interest
6. In Closing
Hello and happy Friday,
It’s been a while; my apologies. Things have been busy, busy,
busy around here.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and that your weekend is
filled with fun and relaxation.

Before we dive right into this issue, I just wanted to give you
a quick head’s up that WordPress 2.5.1 has been released. As many
have speculated, it’s a bugfix release and security update.


With that out of the way, let’s move right along…

2. Silo Website Design
This topic came up recently in a forum discussion and I decided
to put out a short report that addresses some of the
questions that came up about silo navigation and WordPress.

One thing I want to make clear, however, is that a majority of
affiliate product sites don’t need to worry about this as long
as you have optimized categories and tags.

This report, and silo structuring, is mainly beneficial if
you’re planning to produce a great deal of themed content (i.e.

That said, the 10 page report is ready for download. It jumps
straight to the point and explains how to modify your theme
manually or with plugins to achieve the desired silo navigation

Although it’s listed in the loyalty bonus area, it’s available
for *immediate* download since this will eventually become part
of the WP Affiliate Guide 2.0 update.


(Download can be found in the Bonuses section.)

3. Your Questions Welcomed
It’s time for an update! I’m currently working on the next
version of the WordPress Affiliate Guide.

When WordPress 2.5 was released, it caused waves of surprise and
awe in the community because of how much it changed from its

And while I plan to update the report to feature some WP 2.5
screenshots and terminology, the old version won’t be outmoded
since plenty of people will remain on it for a little while.

However, while working on the updated guide, I thought it would
be great to have your input.

I figure, who best to say what they want to see the guide entail
if not the current readers? So, what do you want me add,
clarify, or expound on in the next version of ‘How to Build an
Affiliate Website Using WordPress’?

Just hit the reply button and let me know.

4. Mini Site Theme Update
I’ve just put out an update to the mini site WordPress theme.
This update fixes an IE6 display bug. You can log into your
account to download the updated version.


Don’t remember your password? You can have it reset by using the
lost password form:
Just remember that your username is your PayPal e-mail address
and your e-mail address is the one listed in your profile.

This is a minor update (only the header.php file has been
modified)and only applies if you’re using *the most recent
version* of the All In One SEO Pack plugin.

5. Forum Topics of Interest
Have you been to the forum lately? If not, add it to your
schedule because there is plenty to see. And don’t forget to
join the discussion. Remember, the forum is here for you.

WP Installation & Configuration
If you aren’t already using a caching plugin, you’ll want to
install one, even if you don’t expect to get Dugg:

In case you were nervous about upgrading to WordPress 2.5.x, you
aren’t the only one with concerns:

Silos are all the rage and this particular forum thread is what
prompted to me to write the short report explaining how to use
your page navigation to your advantage:

WordPress Plugins
If you’ve noticed some strange happenings with your plugins
lately, you may want to check your blog for an unwelcome guest:

Sometimes plugins don’t play nice the first time around; if you
have had problems getting the Google XML sitemap plugin to work
properly, this thread may be helpful:

Traffic, Marketing & SEO
Whenever you set up a new website or surf online, you’re leaving
behind footprints, even when you don’t want to. I’ve compiled
some tips to help minimize those footprints and keep the snoops
at bay while protecting your online portfolio:

Make sure to check the Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that your
site isn’t throwing up any errors which could cause poor indexing
and listing of your site’s pages:

Affiliate Marketing
How you choose to protect your affiliate links *could* be costing
you sales:

Datafeed Discussion
While digging through my files, I came across my personal
datafeed import and website tips. Since I thought others would
find them useful, I decided to clean them up and post them in
the forum:

On Display
Don’t forget that if you’re looking for helpful feedback on your
website, this forum is the place to be.


And since it’s a friendly environment, there’s no need to worry.

6. Finishing Up
Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to help you with
your WordPress and affiliate marketing journey. I sincerely
hope you put it all to good use and build a prosperous
affiliate empire.

Wishing you much success in all you endeavors.

WP Affiliate Guide