WP Affiliate Guide News – Mar 25, 2008

In today’s issue…
1. Introduction
2. Lazy Affiliates Rejoice
3. Contact Form/E-mail
4. Mini Site Theme Update
5. Forum Topics of Interest
6. In Closing
Hello and happy Tuesday,
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your week has
started on a fantastic note.

2. Lazy Affiliates Rejoice
I just received the e-mail that the Lazy Affiliate book is
currently on sale for one day only (50% discount). In case
you’re wondering, this is actually the book which inspired the
mini site theme. So, if you don’t already own a copy, then I
highly recommend it.


3. Contact Form/E-mail
I’m not ignoring you, I promise. Lately, it seems that more and
more contact form submissions are coming through with invalid
e-mail addresses. This is just a friendly reminder that if you
do send correspondence through the contact form on the site,
please double check your e-mail address to make sure it’s valid.
Also, take a moment to add me to your e-mail whitelist.

Conversely, you’re welcome to send an e-mail directly to
info[-at-]wpaffiliateguide.com and I’ll receive it. However, please
note that I do have operating hours: M-F 10AM-4PM EST excluding
all US holidays which fall on a weekday. So, if you don’t hear
from me right away, you’ll likely receive a response the next
business day.

And finally, always be sure to double check the FAQs to make
sure your question hasn’t already been answered:

4. Mini Site Theme Update
I’ve just put out an update to the mini site WordPress theme.
This update fixes an IE6 display bug. You can log into your
account to download the updated version.


Don’t remember your password? You can have it reset by using the
lost password form:
Just remember that your username is your PayPal e-mail address
and your e-mail address is the one listed in your profile.

This is a minor update and if you don’t wish to completely
upload a new set of files, you can either just upload the new
header.php file or follow the instructions below:

1. Make a back up your mini site theme.

2. Open the theme’s header.php file in a plain text editor
(Notepad or PSPad is fine)

3. Find the </head> in the file and on the line just above it,
add the following code:
<!--[if lte IE 6]>
<style type="text/css">
#content {margin-left: 10px;}
#sidebar {margin-right: 10px}

4. Save the header.php file and upload it to your theme folder,
making sure to replace the old header.php file.

(You can also edit the file directly in the WP theme editor, but
I urge you to take precautions; there is no undo function, so
it is imperative you make a back up of the file first.)

Thanks go to Dean for spotting the bug.

5. Forum Topics of Interest
Have you been to the forum lately? If not, add it to your
schedule because there is plenty to see. And don’t forget to
join the discussion. Remember, the forum is here for you.

Getting Started
This came up a couple times in correspondence — people wanting
to know how I put the WPAG website together — which has already
been discussed in the forum. So, I figure now is a good time for
a quick reminder of the thread:

WP Installation & Configuration
If you ever need your front page to be completely static (i.e.
not have the content pulled from the DB), then this very simple
technique is for you:

In case you wanted to add a slideshow or featured panel to your
website, then these tools can help:

WordPress Themes
Fairy lovers will love Loretta’s new themes (but, it’s important
to note they aren’t business related themes).

Internet Explorer can be a picky browser sometimes, so if you
find that your background images (especially those used for the
header) aren’t displaying at all in IE when it does in another
browser, there’s one small detail you could be overlooking.

WordPress Plugins
Sometimes WordPress updates can be rather intimidating. However,
don’t let that intimidation stop you. In this thread, I give a
basic overview of the WordPress update process:

Writing long posts can be annoying to readers due to the amount
of scrolling required. Instead, you should be paginating
whenever possible.

Traffic, Marketing & SEO
Does duplicate content scare you to the point of inadvertently
doing something you shouldn’t be?

A new web 2.0 website is on the scene and it looks promising.

Water Cooler
When you just need to take a break and relax, this is the place
to visit. It’s where you can learn about the quirks, pet peeves,
and addictions of your fellow members

Or what we do to try and stay in shape

Or even get a free membership to a cooking membership site

6. Finishing Up
Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to help you with
your WordPress and affiliate marketing journey. I sincerely
hope you put it all to good use and build a prosperous
affiliate empire.

Wishing you much success in all you endeavors.

WP Affiliate Guide