WP Affiliate Guide News – Feb 21, 2008

In today’s issue…
1. Introduction
2. WSO Feedback Please
3. Loyalty Bonus Section
4. PowerBlogger Theme
5. Updates & Forum Topics of Interest
6. In Closing
Hello and happy Thursday,
I want to start this brief newsletter off with a thank you
for allowing me to help you with your affiliate marketing
journey using WordPress.

But, don’t let it end there. Remember, in order to put the
teachings to good use, you need to take action. Don’t let
it sit on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. ;)

2. WSO Feedback Please
At the suggestion of a couple close friends and customers,
I’ve decided to start another Warrior Special Offer — this
time for the WP Mini Site report and theme. Since you’re a
customer, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could pop in for
a moment and offer your feedback on the thread so others
can benefit.


3. Loyalty Bonus Section
Last week I finally got the loyalty bonus section up and
running. The first item in there is the WP Mini Site
report/theme and I’m definitely looking forward to adding
more. (By the way, if there’s something you’d like to see
offered as a bonus in the future, just let me know and I’ll
put it under consideration.)

WP Affiliate Guide customers will see the new “Bonuses” nav
menu item when logged in. If you’ve been a customer for at
least 31 days, you’ll be able to freely download anything
on that page. If, however, you haven’t been a customer for
at least 31 days, then clicking on the download link will
present you with an option to purchase a download credit.

4. PowerBlogger Theme
Are you in need of a new WordPress theme designed
specifically for the non-blog look? Well, Kevin, a WPAG
member, has generously created a new theme called
PowerBlogger and is making it freely available to anyone
who’d like to download and offer their feedback.

You can see the theme in action at

5. Updates & Forum Topics of Interest
If you’ve been wanting to see how the SLM plugin works,
I’ve created a short video tutorial:

New to using FTP? This short FTP/FileZilla 3 tutorial could
be right up your alley then:

Getting Started
Organization can quickly go out the window when you have
multiple WP installs to take care of. Here are a few quick
tips to help you get things under control

Also, consider using WLW to help with productivity while
keeping your affiliate websites up to date

WP Installation & Configuration
There *are* certain files which don’t need to show up in
the search engine results — namely your WP core files –
and making a quick tweak to your robots.txt file should
handle it

Who’s hotlinking from you? Pablo started an excellent
discussion on protecting your website’s files from
hotlinking and unauthorized downloads. But, be warned, this
discussion is not for the faint-hearted. :)

Your website may be more naked than you’d like it to be,
learn how to put some clothes on it.

WP Themes
If you’ve ever entertained the thought of converting an
HTML template into a WP theme, this post will point you in
the right direction (and possibly give you a new respect
for theme designers)

Also, don’t forget to check out the ‘Anatomy of a WP Theme’
post which could also help in the theming process

Traffic and Marketing
A note about keywords for SEO and traffic — it’s a longer
post, but could be worth reading if you’re trying to
improve your site’s content optimization

A New Section
Since a lot of people have been asking me for feedback on
their sites, I’ve added a completely new section to the
forum called ‘On Display’, where you’re welcome to submit
your websites for review and exposure. Have fun and enjoy.:)

6. Finishing Up
Again, I want to thank you for allowing me to help you with
your WordPress and affiliate marketing journey. I sincerely
hope you put it all to good use and build a prosperous
affiliate empire.

Wishing you much success in all you endeavors.

WP Affiliate Guide