WPAG Link Manager Script

Don’t look now, but you may have just lost another affiliate commission. And that’s not the worst of it — there’s a good chance it could have been avoided.

Dramatically increase your click-through rate with one simple change

Your affiliate links could be costing you affiliate commissions and it’s about time someone spoke up about it. What usually ends up happening is that you sign up for an affiliate program and immediately start promoting the ugly affiliate link that’s thirteen feet long.

Most people can spot that affiliate link a mile away and they have been conditioned not to click on them because they know you’re making money on them. Not only that, other affiliates can see your link plain as day and just swap out your affiliate ID with their own in order to give themselves a nice discount while stealing your commission.

Now, imagine that you’ve written a short, yet well received and highly viral ebook to help promote your affiliate link. Not long after your ebook saturates the market and the checks start rolling. Then suddenly, the checks stop — what happened? The merchant either closed the affiliate program or changed your affiliate links. The only thing you can do is scramble to get out an updated ebook with your new affiliate link. But, even with the updated ebook, you’ll still be leaving money on the table from the other ebooks floating around with your old affiliate link.

This can all be avoided by creating short, branded links that mask your affiliate links. Oh, you already know the benefits of disguising your links and creating affiliate redirect links? Great. So, you create meta redirect files like www.yoursite.com/affiliate.html or .htaccess folder redirects like www.yoursite.com/affiliate, but how much time do you waste manually creating, uploading, and then managing them?

Haven’t You Heard? Time is money

Using that method, each time you need to update a link, you would have to FTP to your website, download the file, open it in a text or HTML editor, change the affiliate link, save it, then upload it to the website all over again. That’s the complete definition of unproductive. The time you spend managing your links and keeping track of them, is time you could be using to promote them.

I know firsthand just how unproductive it is, because it’s the method I once used — in fact, it’s the reason I created WPAG Link Manager. To be frank, WPAG Link Manager started out as a tool to save my own time and sanity. Now, I’m making it available to help you save your time and sanity.

Awesomely awesome! I love it.
~ Elizabeth Ramer

With the WPAG Link Manager script, if you ever need to update your link, all you have to do is log into the admin panel and edit the link. No messing with your FTP program, no downloading additional files, no fussing with your text or HTML editor, and no re-uploading.

Level the playing field with the WPAG Link Manager…

Writing articles, publishing ebooks, and sending out your newsletter will never be the same. Why? Because you can continue to use a link you create with WPAG Link Manager as long as you want to.

If you ever want or need to change where a link ends up, just log into the WPAG Link Manager admin panel and update it — you don't need to issue an "oops, I sent out the wrong link" e-mail or an update to your ebook.

With the WPAG Link Manager, you can:

  • Brand your domain while creating professional looking links.
  • Make shorter, more memorable links that people want to click.
  • Track the hits to each link.
  • Hide your affiliate link from would-be commission thieves.
  • Redirect snoopers to Google or a website of your choosing.
  • Use a variety of enticing link descriptions — no installation in a special folder necessary. (Works with /recommended/, /recommends/, /go/, and /goto/ straight out of the box.)
  • Easily manage all of your links from a straightforward admin panel.

Finally, you're able to track your clicks while increasing your click through rate and building trust for your domain.

Powerful, yet simple to set up and use…

The script is fantastic, and works like a charm.
~ Belle Wong

How useful or productive is software that takes you days to install, weeks to master, and years to fully get the hang of? The world is complicated enough, and that's why the WPAG Link Manager script was designed to be easy to set up and use. All the unnecessary fluff and bloat was removed to leave you with a small, quick application — only what you need.

Once you have the WPAG Link Manager set up on your website, you can start turning long, ugly affiliate links into links like http://www.yoursite.com/read/secret-report/ and managing them all from a central location. No need to mess around with individual files, folders, or FTP.

If only everything could be this simple and affordable

A true diamond in the rough. Thank you for this amazing software!
~ The Gift Master

WPAG Link Manager is one of my favorite and one of the most used tools in my affiliate toolbox and I'm sure it will become one of yours, too.

If you order now, you can get an unlimited domain license — set it up on as many of your websites as you like — for only $24.97. This price even includes free upgrades, but I don't know how long I'll offer the free upgrades, so you'll want to grab your license before I change my mind.

To run the WPAG Link Manager script, all you need is a domain name and a host which supports PHP 4.2+, MySQL 3.23+, and .htaccess mod_rewrite. Don't worry, most hosts have the minimum requirements to run WPAG Link Manager, but if you're unsure you can contact your hosting provider or sign up with an account at HostGator (plans start at $6.95/mo.).

Following the simple step by step instructions, you can have WPAG Link Manager installed and start building links in less than 5 minutes. And if you don't want to worry about installing it yourself, you can purchase the premium installation for only $10 more.

This is a no-brainer deal

You've waited long enough. Now, it's time to reclaim your affiliate commissions. Order securely via PayPal .

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