WPAG Link Manager Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily and quickly manage your links from within your WordPress admin panel. Rather than bombard you with an unnecessarily long sales letter, I’ll just give you the rundown…

  • Quickly add your links: you only need to enter three pieces of information before creating a link, instead of needing to set up “new campaigns”, which will save you time.
  • See how popular your links are: each click on the link will be tracked so you can quickly see the amount of interest there is in a particular link.
  • See where your visitors are clicking from: the link referrers allow you to see where people are finding your links and clicking through.
  • Assign tracking IDs to your links: rather than create a new link for each marketing plan you’ve laid out, simply append a keyword to the end of the link and the WPAG Link Manager Plugin will keep track of them for you.
  • Brand your domain name: since each link you create will ultimately have your domain name in it, it reinforces your site.
  • Create clean links: you can have links with /goto/product/ or /recommends/product/ without needing to install any folders, upload any files, or muck around with your .htaccess file. (And you’re not just limited to ‘goto’ or ‘recommends’ — you can get creative with it.)
  • Search your links quickly: using the quick link search (or the advanced search) saves you from having to click through pages of links just to find the one you’re looking for

Here are a few quick snap shots

(Taken directly from my own installation of SLM on this site.)

SLM Admin Screen

SLM Add Link

SLM Advanced Search

SLM Search Results

SLM Referrers

SLM Keywords

You probably already know this, but by using redirect links instead of direct links, you can make your life a lot easier.

What happens when you’ve written an awesome report that goes viral?

You’ve filled that report with helpful links along with affiliate links. Six months later, the merchant sends out a notice that they’re changing all of their affiliate links and all affiliates need to update ASAP if they want to continue receiving credit for their referrals. What do you do? The report went viral and copies are floating all over the internet in places where you have no access.

Sure, you could take a moment to update the copy of the ebook you’re giving away on your website, you could send out a note to all the people who signed up for your newsletter, and you could write a letter to each of the web masters individually asking them to update the download they’re giving away. But, there would still be a ton of copies of the book floating around that you don’t even know about.

If you had used a redirect for those links, all you would have to do is log into your WordPress admin panel, search for that merchant’s link, edit and update. That’s it. The link would be immediately updated and you wouldn’t need to edit a single PDF or contact a single distributor of your report.

Not only that, it’s also good to use it for a back up memory. If you’re constantly recommending certain products or links to people, it can become difficult to remember the absolute link for each of them. Instead of hunting it down every time, you could simply hand out your redirect link because, let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to remember your own domain name.

Because I want to make this plugin affordable, you can have access to this easy to use plugin for only $25. Just click on the payment button below to pay securely through PayPal and your download information will be sent to you automatically via email*.

The WPAG Link Manager Plugin is no longer available as a standalone product. Please check back for future updates.

Notice: WP Affiliate Guide package owners will have access to this plugin at a 32% discount. Also, this plugin is only compatible with WordPress 2.7.x.

* If you are using an @aol.com email address, you will not receive the automatic confirmation email. This is due to AOL automatically filtering script generated mail before it reaches your inbox. It is recommended that you use an email address other than @aol.com for your purchase or make sure to white list the wpaffiliateguide.com domain name before completing the transaction.