Super Affiliate Handbook Review

In the introduction to the WordPress Affiliate Guide, I discuss the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. Its existence is the reason I don’t delve too deeply into certain subjects regarding affiliate marketing (such as domain name selection).

Rosalind’s book is about getting your affiliate marketing foundation set, while the WordPress Affiliate Guide is a flexible blueprint specifically for leveraging WordPress for affiliate marketing based on years or testing and tweaking. In fact, the WP Affiliate Guide is built on the principles outlined in Rosalind’s guide.

But let me not stray to far from the topic of this post, reviewing the Super Affiliate Handbook so you can decide whether it’s a worthwhile guide to help you build an affiliate business.

When I purchased my copy of Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook, I was wary of its promises, but over the years, I’ve come to realize just how invaluable a tool it is. The fact that it’s been around (and updated) since 2003 is a testament to its value.

When I first read the book, I was a bit put off by its focus on Pay Per Click advertising methods, which was confusing and because I didn’t have the kind of money necessary to make a go of it. As a beginner, I found myself floundering to understand it more than once, almost submerging me in information overload. That’s something to prepare yourself for if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing.

However, when you do get past all of that, the Super Affiliate Handbook is something worthy of being printed out and referenced often. There is a goldmine of information contained within its covers, and although it may not come complete with action-steps in a step-by-step sort of way, with a bit of trial and error you’ll get it sorted in no time flat.

The book is just over 200 pages long. That’s intimidating to put it mildly, but luckily there isn’t too much filler. Yep, that’s 200 page of straight dish to work with and it’s available instantly in PDF format.

It starts off by explaining what you’ll need to get your affiliate marketing business started (some things being obvious, such as access to a computer that can get on the internet), then it explains what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and the types of commission structures.

Since I was a newbie when I first purchased the guide, I remember going over it with a fine-toothed comb multiple times to make sense of it and then set out to build my first affiliate websites. At the time I knew HTML and CSS and had begun working with a new software called WordPress, but at the time, I never thought about using WordPress for the affiliate website process. WordPress was only powering my personal blog–it wasn’t even widely distributed or adopted then, so it was very inflexible.

That said, my first affiliate website was built using standard HTML and CSS. (It was huge by the time I actually switched it over to WordPress and it took a whole lot of overhauling to make it happen, but I’m much happier with it and its management now.) And I earned back my investment five times over in the first month by using her methods. I did a short happy dance because I realized, this affiliate marketing thing actually works.

Over the years, the Super Affiliate Handbook has undergone various updates and with the most recent, it now includes a marketing section which goes well beyond Pay Per Click advertising.

One thing I truly respect about Rosalind’s guide is that she teaches you how to build a business, not how to build a website that will be obsolete in a few days.

The writing style is smooth and entertaining, sometimes outright funny, which makes reading the book and following the prescribed methods seem less like a chore. She even shares with you one of her completed affiliate sites as an example and explains how she came to put it together and how she keeps it up, what type of affiliate promotions she uses, and even how much she earns from it.

The handbook explains:

  • How to find a niche (pg. 25)
  • How to evaluate market demand (pg. 32)
  • 6 keys for choosing the right domain name (pg. 42)
  • How to build content and increase your conversion rates (pg. 66)
  • How to write product endorsements (pg. 77)
  • How to make money from your website (pg. 93)
  • How to market your new affiliate website (pg. 132)
  • How to become a super affiliate (pg. 171)

This guide is certainly one of those rare finds in the internet marketing realm, and it’s certainly one everyone who wants to work from home should download and read immediately, taking plenty of notes.

Download the Super Affiliate Handbook and get cracking!