3 Ways to Find Article Topics

As I discussed in the How to Build an Affiliate Website Using WordPress course, adding content beyond the product pages in an important step in building a lasting affiliate business. However, one question that I often get is, “How do I know what to write about?”

The general answer is, “There are article topics all around you, if you care to look for them.” Granted, that’s only helpful to people who want to churn the answer around in their mind for hours on hours. So let me save you a bit of time and just give you three quick ways of finding article topics to help better your affiliate website.

Niche Forums: The first option is to search through various forums within your niche. They’re usually rife with people asking questions or seeking advice about one thing or another.

Amazon’s Askville and Yahoo! Answers: Services such as Amazon’s Askville and Yahoo! Answers make it incredibly easy to find blog topics by simply checking out the questions people are asking and writing a short article answering the question and providing other resources.

Email Groups: Depending on your niche, there may just be an email group which you can join to interact with others who share a similar interest. One thing that email groups are good for is getting the creative juices flowing. You can even mine the archives for previous questions and their subsequent interactions which can then be transformed into articles or blog topics.

These are but a few ways to find inspiration for writing articles which will add value to your affiliate website, and with a little ingenuity, I’m sure you could come up with a few more.

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